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About Us

FutureX Capital was founded in early 2018 by the former China AMC Private Equity founding team, focusing on investing in China's growing high-tech enterprises with subversive innovation, attaching importance to value creation and industrial empowerment, and deeply participating in the full cycle of enterprise development. 

The companies with the highest value of innovative technologies in the world and the fast-exploding downstream applications are the target companies most concerned by FutureX Capital. FutureX Capital aims to promote these advanced technology companies to the industrial platform in order to further develop their potentials. Representative investments include: Kingsoft Cloud, ByteDance, Meituan, NIO, PingCAP, UnionTech, Smartsens, etc.

Adhering to the concept of open source, FutureX Capital continuously attracts a wide range of industrial resources, financial resources and expert networks, conducts multi-faceted exchanges and cooperation with top entrepreneurs, gathers top-level knowledge, forms forward-looking insights and cross-industry synergy to explore investment opportunities.

Focus Area

Enterprise Solutions
Tech-enabled Services
Fundamental Technology
Smart Mobility