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FutureX Capital participated in the "Share and Love" charity event by Shagnhai ADream Foundation


Since its establishment, FutureX Capital has been actively supporting the development in the deep tech space as well as in charity projects. Recently, FutureX Capital participated in the "Share and Love" fundraising auction held by Shagnhai ADream Foundation, and was honored to win the bid for the oil painting "Skyline" created painted and donated by Mr. Wang Zimu, the founder of Huatai Insurance Group.

Mr. Wang Zimu, the founder of Huatai Insurance Group, was the Chairman and CEO for 26 years, and has held three solo exhibitions in Ningbo, Chengdu and Jinggang Mountain. He has participated in the 2017 Venice Biennale.

The painting "Skyline".

About Shanghai Adream Foundation:
Adream endeavors to address inequalities in China’s education sector through its projects and services, collectively known as the “Adream Center” network. Our network serves underprivileged children in rural areas and urban inner-cities, and seeks to cultivate their sense of self-awareness and confidence, so that they can forge and embrace a future of possibilities. We believe that philanthropy should empower beneficiaries with the ability to forge their own opportunities rather than just providing them with physical goods. In other words, we aim to teach a man to fish rather than give him one.
Currently, Adream serves students from grades 1-9 in public schools across China. In order to provide and maintain quality education in marginalized areas and among the underprivileged sectors of the populace, we have developed the Adream Center network, which consists of the following: “Adream Centers” (a network of multimedia classrooms), “Adream Courses” (a competency-based education curriculum focused on innovative learning and student growth), “Adream Guide” (an instruction method R&D and teacher training program), “Adream Bank” (an incentives program for teachers), and “Adream Box”(a social networking services platform for teachers and beneficiary schools).

Message from the founder of Shanghai Adream Foundation: